4 Tips For Junior Golfers

There’s a time and a place for practicing step drills, and for letting your young golfer swing however they want to swing. If you don’t know where that line is, read on to learn how to get your junior golfer interested in the sport, learning fundamentals, and having fun.

Get Them Junior Clubs to Start

Opt for a small, inexpensive set of golf clubs designed specifically for young golfers. These clubs should be labeled as being for juniors, and are typically much shorter and smaller than a standard set. Don’t start your junior golfer on an expensive 14-piece set of clubs that they might not ever have an interest in using. Instead, let our experts help you select the right gear.

Keep Things Lighthearted and Fun

For junior golfers, it’s best to keep things lighthearted and fun — and that doesn’t always mean setting them up on 18 holes. Start with video games, indoor golf lessons, and of course mini golf. These activities will keep a junior golfer engaged in the sport, without having to spend afternoons and weekends on the green.

Focus on the Fundamentals

While having fun is important, it’s also important to teach your children the fundamentals of golf. You should teach your children gripping, posture, alignment, backswing, and ways to improve their mental game as well as their physical game.

Leverage Indoor Golf Lessons

You should leverage indoor golf lessons often. Not only is it an inexpensive way to get junior golfers interested in practicing or playing, but it’s also a great way to challenge your child. Indoor golf can give them the opportunity to work with a professional trainer on a variety of shots and unique course challenges they wouldn’t otherwise face when outdoors.

At X-Golf Rapid City, South Dakota, we have golf simulators and offer indoor golf lessons to junior and adult golfers alike. Book a lesson with us today!